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Should I Fight a Speeding Ticket in Georgia or Pay?

When you find yourself facing a speeding ticket in Georgia, a common dilemma emerges: "should I fight the ticket or pay the fine?" 

Thinking speeding tickets are not worth contesting, most drivers prefer to pay the fine, accept the penalty points, and move on. However, this option may not always be the best for several reasons.

Here are reasons to consider fighting a speeding ticket in Georgia with the help of an experienced GA speeding ticket lawyer:

1. To protect your driving record

Unlike some states that see traffic violations as an infraction, Georgia laws classify it as a misdemeanor, which can count against you in future endeavors.

As such, contesting a speeding ticket in Georgia is a way to preserve your driving record, especially if you suspect that the officer did not interpret the law correctly and made mistakes.

2. For peace of mind

Dealing with a misdemeanor can bring about anxiety, and Georgia’s reputation for ruthlessly prosecuting speeding violations is guaranteed to give you more than a few sleepless nights, depending on the gravity of the offense.

Hiring a GA traffic lawyer to help contest the speeding ticket can give you peace of mind, as you’ll rest assured that the matter is firmly in the hands of a legal professional with your best interests at heart. 

3. To preserve your insurance rates

If you get two or more speeding tickets in three years, your insurance provider will likely increase your premium rates. 

Hiring a lawyer to help you contest a speeding ticket in Georgia can help you preserve your premium by not needlessly increasing the rates. 

4. There may be a legal defense for what you did.

Depending on the nature of the incident, there may be a legal defense for what you did, and paying a fine and accepting the points would be a wrong admission of guilt.

For instance, if you were traveling slowly in the left lane because you were boxed out of the right and trying to pull over safely, you’re well within your rights to put up a defense.

A specialist traffic lawyer can help you assess the scenario, determine whether there were grounds for the infraction, and save you from incurring an unnecessary blot on your record.

5. To avoid facing heavy punishment

Georgia’s traffic laws are some of the strictest in the country, with punishments often bordering on downright harsh. The fines are as follows:

  • 0-9 over the limit- $25 fine

  • 10-14 over the limit- $100 fine

  • 15-19 over the limit- $125 fine

  • 20-24 over the limit- $150 fine

  • 25+ over the limit- $200 fine

Additionally, most courts add court costs and other fees, often exceeding the fine amount.

There’s also the possibility of more stringent punishments to consider, as many places within the state require jail time for triple-digit speeding tickets, e.g., going 101 in a 70 zone. 

Fighting a speeding ticket can help save you money and help you avoid the maximum punishment or eliminate it altogether.

Protect your interests by hiring an expert GA traffic lawyer

If you’re ever in such a sticky mess, the first thing to do is to contact an attorney who is experienced and knowledgeable in Georgia traffic laws. 

Even if you appear to be at fault, the intervention of a lawyer can save you from paying the ultimate price, which, frankly, is poor for your driving record and may negatively affect you further down the line. Request an appointment today.


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