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Family Law Representation

An Assertive Family Law Attorney

Unfortunately, family law cases are a mix of legal complexities and difficult emotions. Anitra R. Price, P.C. has over 15 years of experience handling all types of family law cases. You may not be in the right frame of mind or emotional space to make such life-changing decisions. She offers the patience and compassion required at these difficult moments in life.


Anitra R. Price and her locally-owned firm can help you make the right choices on your behalf and in the best interests of your family. Get the personal attention and dedication you need. Call (770) 461-0023 for a FREE initial phone consultation.

Family Law Document

All Areas of Family Law

  • Adoption: Working with stepparents and relatives.

  • Child Support: Obtaining the amount of financial support that you deserve.

  • Divorce: Addressing all matters of divorce, including division of assets and spousal support. Negotiation and mediation are crucial aspects, which is why you need an experienced litigator on your side.

  • Family Violence, Stalking, and Domestic Violence: Enforcing protective orders if you are under threat of violence.

  • Grandparents’ Rights: Advocating for visitation and even potential custodial matters.

  • Guardian Ad Litem: Protecting both vulnerable and neglected minor children and adults.

  • Legitimation and Custody: Focusing on resolution and the best interests of the children, while shielding them from unpleasant battles between their parents.

  • Name Changes: This may be necessary following a divorce or other matter.

  • Post-Divorce Modifications: When situations change, it may be time to revisit the divorce agreement.

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