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An Ally In Personal Injury And Workers’ Compensation Cases

In a split second, your life can be changed when negligent acts result in an accident. At Anitra R. Price, P.C., in Fayetteville, Georgia, we represent residents injured by an inattentive car or truck driver and left seriously injured. We also advocate for clients injured while on the job and require help with a workers’ compensation claim.

You need an attorney to guide you through a complex legal process. Immediate settlements without legal counsel only minimize the compensation you are entitled to under the law. We are tenacious advocates and skilled negotiators. We confront insurance companies, negligent parties and employers who do not want to take responsibility.

An Advocate For Injury Victims

For more than a decade, founding attorney Anitra R. Price has represented clients in the region. Ms. Price oversees all aspects of personal injury claims that involve:

Insurance providers of the responsible party waste no time in contacting accident victims. You may think that they have your best interests in mind in offering a quick settlement. Only an experienced personal injury attorney such as Ms. Price puts your needs first to maximize your compensation.

You Deserve Workers’ Compensation

No industry is immune to workplace accidents. Retail stores, manufacturing plants and construction sites have their fair share of perils. Negligence is not the issue. If you are injured while performing the basic duties of your job, you are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits.

We oversee all aspects of a workman’s compensation claim from providing referrals to treating physicians and staying in constant contact with medical professionals. While you focus on recovery, we deal with the workers’ compensation provider and an employer whose only interest seems to be minimizing their liabilities. We will fight for you.

Contact A Reliable Lawyer

We are prepared to advocate for you in any personal injury or workers’ compensation claim. With more than a decade of legal experience in the region, Anitra R. Price, P.C., in Fayetteville has the knowledge and skills you need. Contact us online or call us at 770-461-0023 today. We represent clients from throughout Fayette, Coweta, Henry and Clayton counties.